Orlando tops list of most affordable foodie cities

Orlando Tops List of Most Affordable Foodie Cities
Orlando Tops List of Most Affordable Foodie Cities

If you're a big fan of gourmet food, but don't necessarily want to break the bank to indulge in it, it looks like the next stop on your bucket list might be none other than Orlando, Florida.

Offering a great balance between affordability and diversity, Orlando tops WalletHub's latest study ranking the best foodie towns for your wallet.

The list was a result of grading the 150 most populous cities in America based on a number of factors for "wallet wellness," such as cost of groceries, prevalence of top-ranking cheap restaurants, and sales tax, as well other factors for diversity and quality -- like the number of restaurants per capita, number of food trucks, and even the number of food festivals.

The study didn't give any details about any particular restaurants or foods that helped the city win its crown, but we might have a few guesses.

The highest-rated eateries on some popular review sites offer cuisines from all over the world, from Italian gelato to Vietnamese sandwiches.

Maybe it also has something to do with the 'happiest place on earth,' Disney World, which is home to more than a few unique foods of its own.

As for the other cities, it wasn't long before some local media outlets pointed out their respective cities' rankings within the list, such as the No. 2 Grand Rapids, Iowa and the No. 5 Cincinnati.

The cities at the bottom of the list include Fayetteville, North Carolina; Toledo, Ohio; and Henderson, Nevada.

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