Bear gets trapped inside car, destroys it

Big Black Bear Gets Stuck In Small Sedan
Big Black Bear Gets Stuck In Small Sedan

A black bear somehow found his way into a Colorado resident's car. Luckily the bear is okay, but the car is not.
The Douglas County Sheriffs Department posted an image online of an agitated black bear behind the wheel of a small car after the vehicle's owners discovered the large animal at three o'clock in the morning on Monday. It's estimated the bear did upwards of $15,000 worth of damage.

Apparently the bear smelled take-out that had been left inside the sedan, and managed to lift the door handle.

Nearly 24-hours after cops freed the bear, a California resident awoke to a similar scene.
KGO-TV reported that a massive mountain lion climbed on top of a Toyota Camry. Fortunately the mountain lion didn't find its way inside.

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