Nick Hogan becomes victim of photo hacking scandal

Nick Hogan Becomes Victim Of Photo Hacking Scandal
Nick Hogan Becomes Victim Of Photo Hacking Scandal

Nick Hogan became the first male celebrity to fall victim to the high profile photo hacking scandal.

Until now, countless women have had their risque photos leaked to the Internet, and photos of professional baseball pitcher Justin Verlander were leaked in the first wave - they were tied with those of his girlfriend, Kate Upton.

But now that the hackers have shown the other sex clearly isn't off limits, it's not unlikely Hogan will be the only one exposed.

Hogan, of course, claims the photos are fake.

TMZ reports Hogan's hack might also include photos of his mom, Linda in a thong. He says those definitely weren't on his iCloud. But he did admit to one thing: Keeping several pictures of former girlfriends in his teen years, which were also leaked.

Might've been best to move on when the relationship ended.

Celebs hit by the nude photo hackers

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