Snooki shows off post baby bod 6 days after birth

Snooki Shows Off Post Baby Bod 6 Days After Birth
Snooki Shows Off Post Baby Bod 6 Days After Birth

The celebrity body has created some really unreasonable expectations for real women. And the post baby body? Forget it. You expect people like the Kardashians to reveal their post baby slim down before they've even left the maternity ward.

But you might not expect it from Snooki.

The MTV star gave birth to her second child, Giovanna Marie LaValle on September 26th and just six days later posted this photo to social media looking basically pre-baby.

She captioned the photo, which has since been removed: '6 days postpartum still have a long ways to go, but working out throughout my pregnancy has definitely helped my body snap back quicker and recovery time more faster!'

Snooki, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, documented her work out routines throughout her pregnancy on social media which is a stark contrast to her former Jersey Shore persona.

Polizzi who was actually arrested on the show for drunk and disorderly conduct, earned the nickname Meatball along with her co-star Deena Cortese and was definitely more interested in the tan-laundry part of GTL than the gym.

But the mother of two did a 180. She lost over 40lbs and traded in partying for work. Snooki has a reality show on MTV, a podcast and numerous product lines. She and fiance Jionni LaValle live in North Jersey with their adorable son Lorenzo and new daughter.

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