Coyote found lodged in man's car bumper

Coyote Found Lodged in Man's Bumper
Coyote Found Lodged in Man's Bumper

A driver in Illinois was surprised to find something very unusual in his car.

A coyote. Yes, a coyote! On the way to work in the morning, the owner of car thought he hit something but didn't see anything, so he kept driving.

According to Lake County News-Sun, onlookers first thought it was a fox. Then animal control showed up and was surprised to see it was actually a coyote. One of the officers said, "It was even more amazing he survived."

Now, he's got a name. Vern the coyote's story is grabbing national attention -- it was featured as "the ugly" on "Fox & Friends"' "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" segment, even though the coyote looks pretty darn cute in the pictures.

Coyotes are most active at night but have been seen at sunset and the early morning before.

Although the animal looked like it was just along for the ride, it actually got pretty beaten up.

He's had his three fractured legs set. Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation is "hoping for a full recovery."

Vern is going to be let loose into the wild after winter. Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation is funded through donations and is accepting donations for the coyote's care.

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