'Jeopardy' slammed over sexist 'What Women Want' category

'Jeopardy' Slammed Over Sexist Category
'Jeopardy' Slammed Over Sexist Category

One of TV's most loved game shows is being heavily criticized over a recent category: "What Women Want." Many answered: "What is sexist?"

Rather than focus on serious topics like equal rights or significant achievements of women, the new section was filled with stereotypes of housework, fitted jeans, and pilates.

The hashtag #WhatWomenWant began to spread on Twitter. Users posted things like "a show that aims at being smart...#whatwomenwant is equal pay and bodily autonomy #sexist." And, "#whatwomenwant What is equal pay? What is the right to make my own health decisions? What is treated like a human?"

And even actress Sophia Bush chimed in, saying, "For a 'smart' show, you just got srsly stupid."

Earlier this year Alex Trebek was accused of being gender biased.

Salon claimed the 74-year-old acts much more surprised when a woman wins, and when they win consistently, he brands it a "battle of the sexes" not an ordinary winning streak.

And then he said this to Fox News: "Women contestants, when it comes to a daily double, seem to want to wager because they figure, 'Oh, this is the household money, this is the grocery money, the rent money.'"

Research has suggested that women do wager less than men in the game, but we can promise you, Mr. Trebek, it isn't because they're too worried they won't be able to go grocery shopping.

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