Newly-released raw footage shows US bombing missions against ISIS in Iraq and Syria



The U.S. Air Force has released more footage of bombing missions carried out this week over Iraq and Syria.

The videos shot Tuesday and Wednesday show fighter pilots taking out an oil refinery in Syria and a building and vehicles believed held by ISIS. Their release came two days after footage of other bombing missions was made public.

The grainy videos have no sound but offer a glimpse into the battle being fought by American forces against the extremists.

Spectacular explosions are shown as bombs rain down on the enemy positions while a U.S.-led coalition works towards dismantling the violent terror group.

ISIS has beheaded two American journalists and a Briton in retaliation for the attacks. An ISIS-affiliated group in Algeria also beheaded a French tourist.

Officials have said they will wage war against ISIS until the terror group is dismantled.

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