'Boobs on the ground': Fox News host mocks Arab female fighter pilot


Fox News hosts are once again disparaging women.

Personalities Greg Gutfeld and Eric Bolling interrupted a segment by fellow host Kimberly Guilfoyle on female United Arab Emirates Air Force Major Mariam al-Mansouri to call her "boobs on the ground."

Guilfoyle's afternoon segment aired during "The Five." She saluted al-Mansouri for running bombing missions against ISIS and even mocked the terror group.

"Hey, ISIS, you were bombed by a woman," said Gulifoyle. "Very exciting, a woman doing this ... I hope that hurt extra bad because in some Arab countries women can't even drive.

"Major Mariam al-Mansouri is who did this," she continued. "Remarkable, very excited. I wish it was an American pilot. I'll take a woman doing this any day to them."

Guilfoyle had a proud grin on her face. She was excited for al-Mansouri.

But her chauvinistic co-hosts were not.

"The problem is after she bombed it she couldn't park it," said Gutfeld.

"Did you really have to ruin my moment?" Guilfoyle asked.

Bolling took the comments a bit further: "Would that be considered boobs on the ground?"

Guilfoyle's smile quickly faded to anger as she rubbed her forehead with her left hand.

"Why do you have to ruin my thing?" Guilfoyle asked.

Another host, Bob Beckel, was also in disbelief: "Did you really just say what I thought you said?"

Bob Beckel has previously found himself in trouble for using four-letter words on-the-air.

Bolling and Gutfeld chuckled while their obviously upset female co-hosts wondered aloud "what kind of salute would you salute her with?"

Maj. al-Mansouri, who is 35-years-old and from Dubai, according to the Guardian, grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot.

"I put my mind to being a fighter pilot," she previously told CNN, according to the paper. "But at that time, the doors were not open for females to be pilots, so I had to wait almost 10 years.

"Whenever a woman enters a new male-dominated field, they find the same hesitation, the same prejudice, the same stereotype thinking.

"And I had to prove myself by just being determined and having that skill and the knowledge enough to prove that I can perform as skillfully as the men in this field."

Fox News also dragged its knuckles into the Ray Rice controversy after TMZ released video from inside the Atlantic City elevator where the disgraced running back slugged his wife.

"I guess that means next time take the stairs," host Brian Kilmeade said.

Maj. al-Mansouri has not publicly responded to the remarks.

Fox Host Calls Female Pilot in Syrian Airstrikes 'Boobs on the Ground'
Fox Host Calls Female Pilot in Syrian Airstrikes 'Boobs on the Ground'

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