Kerry Washington makes interesting PSA on 'Tonight'

Scandalous Comment? Kerry Washington Makes Interesting 'PSA'
Scandalous Comment? Kerry Washington Makes Interesting 'PSA'


On 'The Tonight Show,' 'Scandal' star Kerry Washington revealed one of her obsessions: the movie 'Splash.'

She said as a child, she was such a good swimmer, and actually thought she was a mermaid.

Kerry: "I'm more comfortable in water than I am on land."

Kerry: "That's rare, especially for a black person."

Kerry: "That is a stereotype, people. Black people swim ... that is my PSA for the night."

Well, Kerry laid it all out there. And Questlove shook his head.

On Twitter, fans were cracking up at the exchange, though for many their favorite part was Questlove's response.

As for Kerry's love for the movie 'Splash' and the whole mermaid thing, Kerry said she's also allergic to fish. So, as a kid she thought she must be a mermaid, because she couldn't "eat her brethren."

If you want to see more of Kerry, though maybe not as a mermaid and probably not making any PSAs, you can catch new episodes of her hit show 'Scandal.'

It premieres on ABC September 25th.

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