Young boy breaks protocol to be reunited with military mom

Young Boy Can't Wait To Be Reunited With Military Mom
Young Boy Can't Wait To Be Reunited With Military Mom

A 3-year-old Minnesota boy just couldn't wait to be in his mother's arms after going nine months without seeing her. Kathryn Waldvogel is part of the National Guard's 114th Transportation Company and had been serving in Afghanistan.

Waldvogel told KARE, "All of a sudden we had to file into the building and get into formation, and I just look up and Cooper and my mom are right there."

While that reunion definitely melted everyone's hearts, the most interesting -- and perhaps the sweetest -- part about this story is that Cooper was just so excited to finally see his mom that he broke military protocol.

NBC reports, "Soldiers had been instructed to hold off on saying hello to family members until they were formally dismissed."

Protocol is very important to the military. In fact, the U.S. Army has a 42-page protocol and etiquette guide.

A military wife explained some of it in a piece for and noted there's even protocol for wives. For example, service members should never eat when the National Anthem is being played and wives should allow the gentlemen to their left to assist them into their chair at formal dinners.

As for Cooper? He's now home with both of his parents. His dad returned from serving in the National Guard late last year.

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