Prince Harry sweeps 5-year-old off her feet

Prince Harry Treats Little Girl Like Royalty
Prince Harry Treats Little Girl Like Royalty

It's not always easy being five. You have to hold someone's hand before you cross the street, you can't reach the cookie jar on the counter and if you're in a crowd you certainly can't see over the heads of adults.

Five-year-old Isabelle Nixon was suffering from a serious case of being too small when her view of the stage was blocked by grown-ups at the Invictus Games.

Lucky for her a certain royal was nearby to lend a helping hand. None other than Prince Harry scooped up a crying Isabelle and put her on his shoulders to get a better view. His Royal Highness proceeded to hang out and dance to the Foo Fighters who were performing -- with Isabelle hoisted up.

Regarding the incident, Kensington Palace released a statement saying:

'Prince Harry was keen to enjoy the closing concert and celebrate the Games with the competitors. The little girl's father was the captain of the wheelchair basketball team, who Prince Harry met on several occasions throughout the course of the Games.'

'He recognized her from earlier in the day and saw she was getting upset because she couldn't see the band,' Isabelle's father Adam Nixon told The Daily Mail. 'He approached us and smiled at me and just literally picked her up and just started to dance so she could see the stage.'

Isabelle doesn't seem to be intimidated by her brush with royalty. Her mom Taryn says her daughter is telling people she's now a princess and got to dance with her Uncle Harry.

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