U.S. Federal Air Marshall attacked with syringe

U.S. Air Marshal Stabbed With Syringe In Nigeria
U.S. Air Marshal Stabbed With Syringe In Nigeria

The FBI is investigating after a U.S. marshal was unexpectedly injected with a syringe at a Nigerian airport.

KPRC reports a group of federal agents in civilian clothing were walking through Lagos airport Sunday when another group of men approached them and then stabbed one of the agents before running away.

An FBI spokesperson says the air marshal was able to remove the syringe, store it in ice and board his flight to Houston, Texas.

Upon landing in Houston, he was taken to a hospital where he was tested for Ebola, HIV and other diseases which will take time to get results.

The FBI is also testing the syringe - security experts say what ever was in it could be key into trying to figure out why this happened.

Law enforcement officials told reporters they're concerned this attack could potentially be linked to terrorists and are on high alert as the 13th anniversary of 9/11 draws near.

"Was it something intended to just harm that person who they certainly thought was American and may or may not have known he was a U.S. marshal? Or was it something that is contagious that they then hope to spread to the United States?"

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