Cat lives double life with second family

Cat Lives Double Life With Second Family
Cat Lives Double Life With Second Family

You've heard of men having secret second families, two wives, two sets of kids, in two different cities. It was the subject of a best selling novel and Hollywood movie, called the "Pilot's Wife."

People can be cheating jerks, but apparently so can cats.

Two different families are in a custody battle over a Siamese cat that has apparently been living separate lives with two families for more than a decade! Ming belonged to the Alexanders. But he started coming home late, turning his nose up at dinner. Sometimes staying out all night.

Turns out he was also secretly living with another, apparently unaware, family under the pseudonym "Cleo".

When Ming disappeared for good, the Alexanders went searching for him and discovered the betrayal. Now his new family says Cleo is a part of their lives, and they can't just give him back. But the Alexanders say Ming was their cat first. They're working on a deal to share him.

So cats may have 9 lives, but we think this kitty's two are enough.

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