Awesome ultrasound gets thumbs up

Awesome Ultrasound Gets Thumbs Up
Awesome Ultrasound Gets Thumbs Up

Expectant parents usually go into an ultrasound excited but nervous to find out if they're having a boy or a girl. What you need when you're heading in to that first appointment is a vote of confidence.

And one lucky mom and dad got the thumbs up. Redditor meancloth posted this photo of his wife's ultrasound picture with his baby doing his best Fonzie impression.

Everyone else seems to be giving baby meancloth the thumbs up as well ... the post was viewed over 2 million times. And the parents to be are in for Siskel-and-Ebert-style two thumbs up because they're actually having twins.

Now, if you think this act of the unborn is impressive, take a look at what website Oddee put together. There are tons of amazing ultrasound photos of babies doing everything from picking their tiny noses, to giving the peace sign and even rocking out.

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