Bass fish caught in a storm sewer

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Bass Fish Caught in a Storm Sewer

His friends call him the "fish whisperer."

Sixteen-year-old high school junior Kyle Naegeli has posted a number of videos online featuring him pulling out bass, perch and catfish from storm sewers that have ventured in from neighboring lakes and rivers. He's reeled in a staggering 768,000 viewers on one of his videos -- and counting.

In a recent video, Naegeli pulled out a largemouth bass from the sewer after catching it with a hook baited with a piece of hotdog.

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In the past, he has also handfed catfish, caught fish using his thumb, and even his mouth -- but he always throws the fish back.

Naegeli says he started fishing in manholes after his dad bet him he couldn't catch fish that way. Needless to say, the teen won the bet!

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