A look inside the secret compartments on airliners

A Look Inside The Secret Compartments On Airliners
A Look Inside The Secret Compartments On Airliners

Most people know what it's like to sit on an airplane, but have you ever thought about where the flight attendants sit (or sleep) after the flight takes off? Yes, sometimes they stay just outside the bathrooms, but others have access to secret crew rest departments that feature beds and other hidden amenities, like entertainment centers.

Though the space is tight, a number of airlines have cozy rest areas so flight attendants can unwind and get some much needed sleep. Some of the new Cathay Pacific planes have a hidden staircase towards the rear of the plane, and if you were to follow the stairs up, you'd find a tunnel lined with bunk beds with heavy curtains to block out sound.

Flight attendants aren't the only ones who get to enjoy resting quarters. Pilots of Boeing 777s are also able to get some shut eye in hidden compartments in the front of the plane. Not as nice as a hotel room, but it gets the job done.

Don't assume that a resting flight crew means they're not paying attention; crews are always able to keep an eye on passengers.

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