Dramatic video shows knife-wielding man shot by Atlanta police


Atlanta police opened fire on a suspect on the campus of Georgia State University as he charged at them with a knife, dramatic new video revealed.

The unidentified man was shot after he sliced the officer's arm, police said. The assailant's condition is not known, but the officer did suffer a minor injury.

Video from CBS 46 Atlanta showed the man stumbling around Woodruff Park late Wednesday afternoon with the knife as police shouted at him to drop it.

Horrified witnesses can be heard screaming for the stumbling man, wearing dark pants and an orange shirt, to drop a knife.

"Don't do it," another shouts.

The cops follow him from the park towards the front of a GSU building. The man walks unevenly, even staggering at times.

"No," screams a man.

He charges at a plainclothes officer while aggressively holding the knife with an overhand grip and a uniformed cop to his side opens fire from about eight feet away.

The trio is right in front of a police station on the campus, only feet from the entrance.

People scream as a single shot is fired, the man drops the knife and is then sprawled out on the sidewalk next to a car.

The officer keep the firearm trained on the suspect while slowly walking forward but does not fire another round.

Aerials from the scene showed law enforcement flooding the park only minutes later.

The officer was treated for cuts to his arm and released. The suspect's condition is not known.


CBS46 News

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