Tiny houses could solve homeless problem

Tiny Houses To Solve Big Problem
Tiny Houses To Solve Big Problem

It appears as if tiny homes could be the solution to a very big problem.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales is preparing to endorse the construction of a number of 192 square foot houses on publicly owned land to help curb the homeless population in the city. The homes, designed by TECHDWELL, would cost between $250 to $350 per month for individuals, with laundry and other amenities on site. Residents making between $5,000 to $15,000 per month could easily afford to rent them.

A Multnomah County chairwoman told Oregon Live, "Before people can get back on their feet and take advantage of job training and drug and alcohol counseling, they need a place to live. This helps accomplish that."

The project is a big step from the mayor who was criticized back in February for attempting to clear out homeless campsites. In fact a crowd of portland residents protested the crackdown with lit torches.

Mayor Hales is said to be "infatuated" with this idea.

Tiny home communities have been successful in states like New York, Texas, and Wisconsin, and have improved the lives of countless homeless residents.

The city's mayor hopes the first micro community will be in place by next February.

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