Possible terror attack avoided after police find IEDs, AK47s and 15 chickens inside crashed SUV


Officers responding to a single-SUV crash Friday in West Virginia found bombs, drugs, guns and more than a dozen chickens inside the vehicle - and may have thwarted a domestic terror attack.

Seth Grim, 21, somehow managed to roll the SUV off a highway about 40 miles northeast of Charleston. Police found four improvised explosive devices, two AK-47s, a rifle and about 15 chickens inside the vehicle, police said. They also uncovered a large amount of marijuana.

Authorities also found about 10 loaded magazines and body armor, they could possibly have halted a major tragedy. Two of the bombs were six inches long, two were four inches long, police said.

Grim's Ford Explorer rolled off Interstate 79 at around 3:30 a.m., police told the West Virginia Gazette.

Grim apparently blamed the wreck on his rottweiler, which he told police jumped out the window while he was speeding down the highway, Office of Emergency Services Director Melissa Gilbert told AOL.

The dog was found dead several yards away, Roane County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Mike King told AOL.

West Virginia State Police arrived on the scene shortly after and found the chickens inside a cage, said Gilbert.

A number of the chickens were dead on the road and a few others escaped, said King. They were not recovered. Also scattered on the road were a few of the loaded magazines.

Cops also found multiple improvised explosive devices, assault rifles and several loaded clips stashed inside with the chickens, according to Gilbert.

King shot down reports Grim was on the run from police in Pennsylvania. Police are not clear where he was heading or what his intentions were. Several agencies are waiting to speak with him, according to the officer.

Grim suffered minor upper body injuries but was immediately arrested. The potentially dangerous man also declared himself a "sovereign citizen" upon his incarceration, according to Gilbert.

A bomb squad took the bombs to a secure location to be detonated out of harm's way, Gilbert said.

Sovereign citizens often refuse to pay taxes as a form of protest against the federal government. They are seen by the FBI as domestic terrorists.

Terry Nichols, who helped plan the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, is the most infamous sovereign citizen.

A call to local police seeking further information about the charges filed against Grim and to find out why he was running from police in Pennsylvania was not immediately returned.

Only the marijuana and IEDs are illegal in West Virginia, according to King. Grim faces four felony counts for possessing them.

He remains in a West Virginia jail.

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