Petition to rename Waldo Tunnel to honor Robin Williams

Petition Asks To Rename San Francisco Tunnel In Robin Williams' Honor

There's a new campaign to honor the late Robin Williams, by renaming the tunnel that connects San Francisco with Marin County.

The comedian called Marin County home for decades and was a beloved resident there. More than ten thousand people have signed the petition on

Williams likely traveled through the tunnel, known as the 'Rainbow Tunnel' because of its colorful paintings, thousands of times. He even joked about it in his comedy routine. Williams used to say it's called Rainbow Tunnel because you go in any color and come out white (Marin County is not exactly known for it's ethnic diversity.)

If Robin's family and city officials agree, it will cost about $5,000 to get the naming rights. The woman who started the petition, who is also a local resident, says she'll either raise the money or donate it herself.

Williams, of course, passed away August 11th. He was 63 years old.

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