Four-foot shark eaten by massive grouper in one bite

Grouper Eats Shark in One Bite
Grouper Eats Shark in One Bite

The roles were reversed off the coast of Bonita Springs, Florida, when a shark went from predator to bait in one wild moment.

A fisherman caught a four-foot shark -- but before he could haul it up (or let it go), the shark was eaten by a Goliath grouper in one jaw-dropping gulp. The incredible video was uploaded by YouTube user Gimbb14.

According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, the goliath grouper is the largest grouper in the Western Atlantic. They can grow to about eight feet long and weigh 800 lbs. Their massive mouths and extremely sharp teeth make it easy for them to swallow their meals whole. That was pretty evident in this video.

Watch that baffling moment over again:

WGNO notes that groupers don't typically eat sharks, explaining that their diets usually consist of "spiny lobsters, shrimp, crab, stingrays and young sea turtles." adds that the grouper's predators include "sandbar and great hammerhead sharks."

So, was this a very brave grouper ... or a very hungry one? Perhaps a bit of both? Either way, the video is racking up views and sparking lots of conversation.

In a post on Reddit, Gimbb14 gave us the "backstory:"

Ran out to the reef at around 8am yesterday and wasn't having much luck. Put out a chum block, set down some blue runners on the reef and waited. Had a 15lb goliath grouper take and brought him up, as I brought him to the boat, the monster goliath shown in the video came and tried to steal him. About 30 minutes later I had about a 5foot nurse shark take and brought him up. As I was dehooking the shark, the goliath came back and inspected but didn't attack him. Finally, about an hour after the nurse shark, I hooked the black tip behind the boat in the chum slick, and then the hilarity in the video began.

Check out more wild shark photos:

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