Man fakes his own death to get out of wedding

Man Fakes His Own Death To Get Out Of Wedding
Man Fakes His Own Death To Get Out Of Wedding

Well here's one way to get out of your own wedding - although we wouldn't recommend it. Alex Lancaster and Tucker Blandford were set to be married on August 15th of this year, but something tragic happened. Or at least it seemed like something tragic happened.

While Lancaster was living in the UK and planning their wedding, her fiance had been living in the US for several months. One day, Lancaster received a shocking call from a man who said he was Blandford's father.

The man told her that her hubby-to-be had been suffering from depression and died after throwing himself in front of a car.

You can imagine this was quite shocking to Lancaster, who eventually called her in-laws back only to discover Blandford was very much alive and well. (Blandford had placed the call himself.) She also found out the venue where they were supposed to marry had never actually been reserved.

Blandford reportedly told media outlets he pulled the outrageous stunt because he got cold feet, saying, "I'm a terrible, awful person. I know I shouldn't have told her I was dead, but I didn't know what else to do."

Here's a thought. Instead of pretending to killing yourself, just walk away. Or better yet ... run.

Speaking of wedding surprises, check out these photos of a wave 'crashing' a couple's big day:

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