Man shows up for jail in T-shirt with mug shot

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Man Poses for New Mugshot Photo Wearing Shirt with Old Mugshot Photo On It

MADISON, Maine (AP) - A Maine man who served a 48-hour sentence for drunken driving wore something special for his jail booking photo: a T-shirt featuring his mug shot.

Nineteen-year-old Bobby Burt, of Pittsfield, had the mug shot from his June arrest printed on the orange shirt, along with the words, "Sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff."

The mug shot is making the rounds online thanks to The Smoking Gun, which posted it Monday.

Sean Maguire, the jail's compliance manager, said there's no policy on what inmates can or cannot wear for booking photos.

Burt, who's using the mug shot for his Facebook profile picture, didn't immediately return a call left at his place of employment Tuesday.

Mug Shot T-Shirt

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