'Naked and Afraid': One contestant diagnosed with dysentery

'Naked & Afraid': One Contestant Diagnosed With Dysentery
'Naked & Afraid': One Contestant Diagnosed With Dysentery

On "Naked & Afraid," Phaedra, a 27-year-old stay at home mom from Utah, and Hakim, a 36-year-old Iraq War Veteran struggled to make it 21 days in the Himalayan foothills of northern India.

Things got rough fast for Phaedra who got sick after making a bad judgment call, drinking water from a stream without boiling it first.

As seen on the show, "Concerned that Phaedra's persistent vomiting and diarrhea could be signs of a serious intestinal infection, producers intervene and send in medics to assess her condition." The doctor said, "One or two days. It may take one or two days for vomiting to stop."

Doctors ended up diagnosing Phaedra with Dysentery, which doesn't require any treatment. Therefore, she was given the green light to continue on in the competition. Still, as Heavy.com notes, Hakim encouraged Phaedra to consider tapping out for the sake of her health, but she was determined to survive all 21 days.

And amazingly, she did. Phaedra's health improved and the two made it to their extraction point, which included a 2,000 ft descent over a five-mile hike. Fans on Twitter were ecstatic for the pair, congratulating them both for not quitting and working together to accomplish their goal. Good work you two.

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