Alleged Burglar Of Millionaire's Closet Disappointed By Knock-Offs

Alleged Burglar Of Millionaire's Closet Disappointed By Knock-Offs
Alleged Burglar Of Millionaire's Closet Disappointed By Knock-Offs

Two weeks after one Texas millionaire's mega-closet was raided, the alleged thief is now coming forward with an extortion plot in mind. Theresa Roemer's impressive three-story closet full of designer clothing, accessories and jewelry was featured on "Good Morning America" more than a month ago.

"I just have always had this fascination with beautiful closets."

Then Roemer made headlines again less than two weeks later when a thief was caught on camera stealing more than $1 million worth of items from the closet. Roemer says she forgot to set her alarm that night

Now the alleged robber claims all those items are fake. He threatened to quote "expose" Roemer unless she paid him $500,000.

After the deal failed, he kept his promise by turning to the Houston Press. Using voice-changing software and a burner phone, he told a reporter the items are worthless and even sent him a few of the items to prove it.

NBC: "Every single item that she had is fake." ​"His demeanor seemed like someone who felt like they were wronged."

And Roemer is speaking out, telling KTRK she's not denying some of the items might be fake.

"If you walk into any one woman's closet, there's going to be valuable things, and there's going to be costume things, and there's going to be vintage things."

The story sounds bizarre enough, but even more strange is why anyone is paying so much attention to this ordeal in the first place. After all, it was media publicity that attracted the burglar to the closet to begin with.

Maybe it's the sheer size of the 3,000-square-foot closet complete with a second-floor champagne bar that has gained the envy of many fashionistas around the country.

But what's been dubbed the "female man-cave" is actually intended for charity efforts. Roemer says she hosts fundraisers in the closet, auctioning off items in support of a number of charities.

Roemer says the thief is still harassing her, but local authorities are involved in an ongoing investigation to identify the perpetrator.

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