Quiz: What's your viral video IQ?


Even the most serious among us has secretly found time to squeeze a quick viral video into a busy day. Some make us laugh so hard we cry, while others shouldn't be watched without a box of tissues very close by.

To test your viral video IQ, we paused some popular videos right before the action unfolded. Do you know what's going to happen next? Go ahead, get clicking!

Can't get enough viral videos? We've got you covered:
Teen ages from 12 to 19 in a minute
Chihuahua rescued by Rottweiler from the jaws of a coyote
Mega-pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins caught on film
Mom raps 'first day of school' song for her kids
Publix supermarket employee's act of kindness goes viral
Couple loses 300 pounds total, get engaged on live TV

Have a few more minutes to procrastinate? Check out these photobombs and selfies: