Robin Williams movies sales skyrocket after his sudden death


Fans of Hollywood legend Robin Williams have reacted to his sudden death by snatching up his greatest hits online.

Several of Williams' iconic movies have risen to the top seller list on Amazon in the days since his the news of his shocking suicide began spreading.

An AOL review of the online retailer's best sellers list revealed that the 1989 classic "Dead Poets Society" is currently the number one selling movie.

Multiple versions of the riotous "Mrs. Doubtfire" occupy both the fourth and fifth spots on the list, and "Good Morning Vietnam" has risen to sixth.

The Oscar-winning "Good Will Hunting" stands at eighth, and the wide-screen version of "Dead Poets Society,' comes in at ninth to round out Williams presence in the top 10.

Fans of "Good Will Hunting" went to Boston Public Garden this week and created an impromptu tribute of movie lines scrawled on the sidewalk, flowers and other items at the bench made famous by the film.

A special edition of "Good Morning Vietnam" stands at the 12th spot and "Patch Adams" in 13th to give the actor eight of the site's top 15 best sellers.

All titles have moved up on the list since Williams' passing.

A coroner confirmed Tuesday that the troubled comedian died after hanging himself with a belt.

His career touched billions, including ISIS supporters seen tweeting about "Jumanji," a less-heralded role that sits firmly in 69th place among Amazon's top 100 sellers.

Williams was still juggling a full slate of films when he died, according to IMDB.

He has three more set to be released later this year including "Merry Friggin' Christmas," "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb" and "Absolutely Anything."

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