The 'man who doesn't breathe' can hold breath for 22 minutes

'Human Dolphin' Can Hold Breath For More Than 20 Minutes
'Human Dolphin' Can Hold Breath For More Than 20 Minutes

Looking to release your inner dolphin? Well, Danish diver Stig Severinsen is here to help.

Known as "the man who doesn't breathe," Severinsen holds the world record for holding his breath underwater for 22 minutes.

Now he wants to teach others how to improve their lives by breathing right, and he's released a book called Breathology.

With the tag lines, "Awaken your inner dolphin and dive inside yourself," and, "Hold your breath and discover ultimate freedom," Severinsen claims that his breathing techniques can help improve your health and reduce your stress.

But let's be honest - nothing beats the Ace Ventura dolphin technique.

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