Florida pup trapped under house is saved

Humane Society Saves Dog Trapped Under House
Humane Society Saves Dog Trapped Under House

It's the dog days of summer, and that's a good thing for one lucky Florida pup. Abby, a 35-lb. German shepherd mix, went missing for nearly two days before her family heard whimpering under their house.

It turned out that Abby wasn't missing at all. She had gotten trapped under the home through a small opening in the lattice work in the back yard.

The family immediately called their local humane society and the group jumped to action. Three members from the Pinellas Humane Society spent two hours in the blazing Florida sun and dug the trapped pooch out from under the house. Happily, Abby returned to the Gagliardi family, tail wagging and without any injuries.

"The big takeaway," said a spokesperson from the Humane Society, "is to remember that no matter how secure we think our backyards are, don't leave your pets unattended."

Abby isn't the only lucky dog around. Earlier this year police in Willistown, PA pulled Pluto, a 13-year-old Australian Shepherd, out of thick mud and safely returned him to his family (and of course a bath.

Last year in California the roles reversed when a hiker's dog named Mole pulled his owner to a man who was pinned beneath rocks. The trapped hiker as severely dehydrated and was stuck for approximately 8 days. Thanks to the dog, rescuers were able to save his life.

Major props are due to all the human and the K9 good Samaritans out there!

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