Family snaps selfie with President Obama

Family Snaps Selfie with President Obama
Family Snaps Selfie with President Obama

The Corrados were visiting Kansas City when President Obama came into the restaurant they were at; and of course they snapped a selfie.

A Colorado family vacationing in Kansas City got quite a surprise while eating at Arthur Bryant's Barbeque.

Natalie Corrado says that all of a sudden, "Secret service came in and said everybody VIP is coming!"

Not just any VIP -- that would be the President of the United States.

What's the first thing you do when the President just so happens to walk in the very restaurant you're dining?

The Corrado's snapped a selfie with President Obama in the background.

"He said 'Hi' to everyone and it was pretty nice. He might not be my favorite, but he still came in, said 'Hi' and was respectable, to say 'Hi' to every table and then went and ordered."

They'll definitely have something to write home about now.

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