Police: Man tries to get out of ticket with fake 911 call

Police: Man Tries To Get Out Of Ticket With Fake 911 Call
Police: Man Tries To Get Out Of Ticket With Fake 911 Call

You hear of people trying to weasel their way out of speeding tickets -- but police say one man in Florida took it too far.

According to authorities, Julius Lupowitz called 911 twice right after he got pulled over for speeding. His second call reportedly went like this: "I swear, there's gonna be a murder any second. There's a man with a gun. Please. I just called. ... It's Wingate and Hollywood." ​​

It was a frantic phone call, and the West Melbourne Police Department investigated the area right away.

WFTV reports: "We responded as if it was real," Lt. Richard Cordeau said.

The attempted diversion didn't work, though. According to ABC, dispatchers were able to look up the caller's name.

WFTV reports: "Our officer was standing at the door of Mr. Lupowitz' vehicle and realized at that point that this was the same person making the 911 calls," Cordeau said.

Apparently it was a close call, though.

"It almost worked. The officer was trying to wrap up quickly to respond," Cordeau told WCTV.

According to the police department's news release, the incident took place in late June, but Lupowitz was arrested July 23.

A Facebook post by the West Melbourne Police Department reads: "After reviewing the case and determining that the police response cost taxpayers in excess of $100, prosecutors issued a warrant for Lupowitz's arrest."

Lupowitz was not only cited for speeding but faces a third-degree felony charge of misusing the 911 system. If he's convicted, that phone call could put him behind bars for five years.

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