Walk-in closet, Texas style: Woman's three-story closet

Walk-In Closet, Texas Style: Woman's 3-Story Closet
Walk-In Closet, Texas Style: Woman's 3-Story Closet

​Everyone wants a walk-in closet, but what about one you could run around in? And work up a sweat?

The story of a Houston woman with a crazy-big closet is going viral. KHOU got an inside look.

"This closet has been a lifelong dream," Theresa Roemer said. "This is my Birkin corner, Hermes and then of course we go on over into Louis Vuitton."

Like we said, the story of the colossal closet is getting picked up nationally -- "Good Morning America" sent in a team, too.

"I just have always had this fascination of beautiful closets, because to me, my closet is my retreat. Men can have their man-caves; I like to look at mine as a she-cave," the woman said.

As you can see, it's pretty unbelievable. Fifty-two-year-old Roemer has collections of furs, designer shoes.

Her closet even has a champagne bar. It's brand-new -- she just moved in, and the price tag to construct it all? $500,000.

There is a question of how much the merchandise is worth -- according to KHOU, Roemer's purse collection alone is worth millions, but she told GMA that the closet's contents add up to about $2 million altogether.

We had to find out more about Roemer -- she's a beauty queen, competing in and winning pageants for married women. She's also a big supporter of charities like Texas Children's Hospital.

In fact, Roemer says that her charitable work is one of the main reasons she built her closet in the first place. She plans to hold fundraisers at her closet -- it's an event space.

Another inside look went to Neiman Marcus. She told the company's blog that the closet is organized in the way she gets ready -- top floor is furs, hats, then shoes; clothes and hair and makeup on the second floor; bags and jewelry on the first floor; and she's out the door.

Hermes are her favorite. She's got more than 60 of the designer's Birkin bags - which cost thousands.

Predictably, lots of reaction to this story - on Twitter, users are calling the closet both insane and enviable.

On GMA, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos' reactions were pretty clear.

Justified -- or just over-the-top? Let us know what you think.

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