Yard 'floats' after heavy rain

Watch: Yard 'Floats' After Heavy Rain
Watch: Yard 'Floats' After Heavy Rain

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) –- We've never seen anything like this –- have you? It looks like someone is 'surfing' on sod that got a heavy dose of rain on Friday.

WHNT reports: Sharon Jeffreys recorded video of her sod 'floating' from three inches of rain that fell on July 18.

Jeffreys lives in Mt. Hope, a community in Lawrence County, off Highway 24 between Moulton and Russellville.

WHNT News 19 Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson posted the video on Facebook on Saturday, and it spread quickly around the web as several thousand people watched it and shared it. It is definitely unique.

Sharon reported the grass was back to normal by Monday.

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