Early birds more likely to lie as day goes on

Early Birds More Likely To Catch The Worm... And To Lie
Early Birds More Likely To Catch The Worm... And To Lie

If you ever wondered what's wrong with people who jump right out of bed in the morning, well, a new study shows you might just be onto something: early risers may be less honest as the day goes on.

According to the US study with data acquired by researchers from Johns Hopkins, Washington and Georgetown, early birds may get the worm but they may not be so moral to get it. So, larks are more likely to cheat and lie than people who are late to bed and late to rise.

This of course flips the stereotype that night owls are badly behaved. But, before you start judging all your friends, family and lovers based on their sleep schedule -- listen up, because while morning types were less likely to resist temptation in the evening when their mental energy was low, those who burn the midnight oil tend to have similar issues in the morning when they're tired.

So, in the end, it turns out, you can't trust anyone. But, at least you know when it's more likely they're telling the truth.

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