TV reporter pranks 'video bombers'

Watch: TV Reporter Pranks 'Video Bombers'
Watch: TV Reporter Pranks 'Video Bombers'

Tired of people interrupting his live shots, Chicago TV reporter Pat Tomasulo decided to invite video bombers at the 'Taste of Chicago' on-air and hit the unsuspecting festival-goers with embarrassing questions.

"We are back here live with Annie and Maggie," Tomasulo said to some festival-goers. "It's the latest beauty trend that's sweeping the nation, where women are not shaving any part of their body. You guys have been doing this for awhile?"

Stunned, one girl asked, "I thought we were talking about the Taste of Chicago?"

Tomasulo then told two 'video bombers' that they were talking about men's health. "A lot of people are embarrassed to do it, but when guys like you are out here wearing diapers it gives everyone else confidence to do the same. You know what I mean?"

The men were speechless.

To Tomasulo's surprise, one woman who wasn't speechless went on about women's health for quite some time.

After Tomasulo's pranks, it looks like people may think twice before jumping into live broadcasts.

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