Heartbreak in pictures: The Israel-Gaza conflict has taken an immensely devastating toll on civilians

Israel's Iron Dome interception technology has prevented many rockets from landing in Israeli territory, but the 9 days of violence between Israel and Hamas-ruled Gaza has ravaged Gaza, devastating the lives and homes of many Palestinian civilians, as well as disrupting the lives of countless Israelis who have been sent fleeing into bomb shelters regularly.

According to the UN News Centre, 'the level of human loss and destruction ... is immense.'

As of Wednesday, Palestinian health officials said that the Palestinian death toll rose to 204, with some 1,450 wounded, according to AP.

AP also reported that, 'on the Israeli side, one man was killed and several people were wounded since the fighting erupted on July 8.'

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs released a report Tuesday night reporting that, in Gaza, 1,370 homes have been destroyed, directly displacing 8,200, and 600,000 people were at risk of losing access to water supply.

Hamas's constant attacks on Israel has forced countless Israeli civilians into bomb shelters, a practice many Israelis have become accustomed to over the many years of targeted attacks.

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