'Most disastrous wedding pic ever' goes viral

Wedding Photo Goes Horribly Horribly Wrong
Wedding Photo Goes Horribly Horribly Wrong

A wedding photograph that has gone viral is being called "the most disastrous wedding pic ever." KGW tweeted the image of Washington resident Tyler Foster not only ripping a hole in his pants, but also accidentally kicking a bridesmaid in the head.

The photograph, which was taken in Jamaica, hit the internet last Wednesday and has since been viewed over six million times.

The 28-year-old groomsman told ABC News that the bridesmaid wasn't injured and laughed it off.

Still, at least the whole wedding party didn't sink into a dock like one back in June. Between the two weddings there wasn't a single dry or unswollen eye in the house.

Speaking of wild wedding photos, have you seen these jaw-dropping photobombs? A tornado and a turtle took two couples by surprise.

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