69 years later, woman returns to find dorm room surprise

69 Years Later Woman Returns to Find Dorm Room Surprise in Iowa
69 Years Later Woman Returns to Find Dorm Room Surprise in Iowa

DES MOINES, IOWA -- When a Grand View University alum returned to campus, she soaked it all in -- and she just couldn't get over what the college had done to her third-floor home.

KCCI reports: Alice Humphrey wasn't walking into a mock-up at Grand View University, but her actual dorm room -- just the way it was when she arrived on the train from Connecticut in 1945.

"I've heard so much about the closet," her granddaughter, Katie, said as they walked in.

"This just [brings] so many memories back," Humphrey said about her old room.

Back then, Grand View's oldest building did not have Humphrey's name on it. However, when she donated the money to renovate the building, the college asked her for a few photos and pulled off a one-room surprise -- right down to the radiator, the radio, and the tiny closet that she shared with a roommate.

"We did it. I can't tell you how...I can never go back and do that again." Humphrey quipped.

69 years after her first night in this dorm, she returned with her granddaughter and a lesson -- how choices you make as a teenager can change everything.

"If I hadn't come to Grand View, I wouldn't have met my husband, and it would've been a whole different life," the alum pointed out.

Katie said about her grandmother's space, "I had no idea that it was that important ... I've seen pictures, but it's all exactly what Grandma had it as, which is crazy to see."

It's clear that dorm rooms have the power to make a grandma seem so much more relatable.

Katie explained, "Me going off the college myself [and] realizing that this was Grandma's college experience, [I see that] this is to her what everything -- Penn State -- is to me ... I'm definitely really glad I got to be here."

After graduating from Grand View, Alice and her husband built a successful chemical company together on the east coast.

As you can tell, though, she never forget her college experience in Des Moines.

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