Mystery man pays for half dozen people's groceries

Mystery Man Pays For Half Dozen People's Groceries
Mystery Man Pays For Half Dozen People's Groceries

Talk about inspiring. Fox News reports that a man paid it forward on July 8th by footing the bill for around a half dozen people at a Concord, California grocery store -- and the total topped a tad more than $600.

KTVU says: "He'd walk up, wait until the transaction was over, and then he'd pay cash for it."

Who is this generous man, you ask? He wishes to remain anonymous. Although the store has his face on security records, they have vowed not to release his identity. Not to mention that his generosity didn't end there.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that the mystery man even donated to the store's food drive, which raised more than $300,000 last year.

Store supervisor Jamie Flores asked the man why he was being so kind.

He replied with, "Why not? Why not?"

Those simple words are leaving many people speechless. It reminded us of a similar act of generosity.

For the last 25 years, an energy supplement company called Gung Ho has paid for family's groceries around the holiday season.

Last year, The Huffington Post reports that the company teamed up with YouTube channel LAHWF in a pseudo prank where customers were told they'd won a store prize.

"Congratulations! You are our free grocery customer of the day."
​"You pay nothing –– not a dime, not a penny."
"You made my year."

People everywhere are paying it forward.

The National Philanthropic Trust reports that 95% of American households give to charity, with the average annual contribution being approximately $3,000.

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