Meet the dog that saved the World Cup

Meet the Dog That Saved the World Cup
Meet the Dog That Saved the World Cup

The World Cup final is coming up this weekend, and fans are excited to see who will bring home the gold -- but in 1966, FIFA thought that the trophy was lost forever.

While on display at the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, a thief managed to slip past over a dozen guards and steal it.

Thank goodness for man's best friend, though. A scruffy looking Collie Mix named Pickles came to the rescue.

While on an ordinary walk with his owner, Pickles discovered an extraordinary package wrapped in newspaper under a car. When he began sniffing and pawing at the parcel, his owner opened it and found none other than the missing World Cup trophy.

As it turns out, the thief just happened to have ditched the trophy right near Pickles' house.

Besides being honored by FIFA at the 1966 games, the dog starred in a feature film called 'The Spy with the Cold Nose,' appeared on numerous TV shows, and was named 'Dog of the Year.'

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