Qantas flight turns around after water leak

Qantas Flight Turns Around After Water Leak
Qantas Flight Turns Around After Water Leak

Passengers on a Qantas Airlines flight from LA to Melbourne got a scary surprise while in the air yesterday: a burst water pipe caused water to leak on the plane.

7 News says, "It was forced to dump fuel for two hours before returning to LA, where it landed safely a short time ago."

A Qantas spokeswoman told the Sydney Morning Herald the water came from the plane's drinking water supply.

According to the outlet, the water likely leaked from the business class cabin on the upper deck of the A380 aircraft to the economy cabin through the roof.

USA Today reports the spokeswoman also said, "There were no safety or flight concerns with the water leak, however the Captain decided to return to LA in the interests of passenger comfort."

One well-known passenger tweeted about the incident: Actress Yvette Nicole Brown, from NBC's "Community," wrote:

"Pipe burst on my #Qantas flight over the Pacific. We were diverted back to LA. River running thru the aisles #ScaryTimes#WillKeepYouPosted"

But she also had a sense of humor about the situation. When a follower reminded her that her seat could be used as a flotation device, Brown retweeted the message and wrote, "Favorite reply!"

The plane did have a safe landing in LA after the incident. Qantas has 7 out of 7 stars on's list of safety criteria, which addresses blacklists, accident records, Federal Aviation Administration endorsements and other requirements.

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