Fascinating facts about your fast food

9 Fast Food Facts You Won't Believe Are Actually True
9 Fast Food Facts You Won't Believe Are Actually True

Consider yourself a fast food fanatic? Maybe you've heard some of these facts before, but if not, prepare to be surprised (and to get really, really hungry).

Did you know ...

-McDonald's chicken McNuggets come in 4 shapes and they all have names: The ball, the bow-tie, the boot and the bell.

-The largest fast food chain in the world isn't McDonald's ... it's Subway.

-The singer Jason Mraz sells avocados to his local Chipotle.

-A 30oz large McDonald's iced tea has as much sugar as two snickers.

-The founders of outback steakhouse never went to Australia.

-Ben & Jerry's has chunks because Ben has anosmia (the loss of a sense of smell) so he relies on "mouth-feel" when eating.

-A traditional Christmas dinner in Japan consists of KFC. They place orders 2 months in advance.

-In the contiguous U.S. you can never be more than 115 miles from a McDonald's

-Pizza Hut once spent $1 million to deliver a pizza. Seem ridiculous? Well, Pizza Hut did have to send it pretty far -- ahem -- to space.

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