Bear takes dip in swimming pool in Sierra Madre neighborhood

Watch: Bear Cools Off in Family's Backyard Pool

A bear made a brief stop in a Sierra Madre neighborhood on Tuesday to take a dip in a backyard swimming pool. One woman says that for the past two weeks, she has seen a bear on her property just about every day. A bear took a dip in the backyard pool, but it's not the only one that has been roaming around. Just the day before, a larger bear was spotted in their yard.

Bear takes a swim in pool
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Bear takes dip in swimming pool in Sierra Madre neighborhood
Neighbors take precautions when living so close to the bear habitat.

As summer heats up, foothill communities like Sierra Madre become increasingly inviting to wildlife. "It's continually dry up there, and they are coming down for food and water," one resident says. They see the bears every day or every other day sometimes, but it is at least once each week.

Many people who live in this neighborhood said Tuesday that they were as unfazed by the bears as the bears were of humans. Still, it is important to be cautious. The bears get very close to local homes and property that bear spray is a necessity for the neighborhood's decor.

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