Misspelling on Medill School of Journalism diplomas

Misspelling on Northwestern Diploma Gives Students Last Laugh
Misspelling on Northwestern Diploma Gives Students Last Laugh

At Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism, misspelling a word on a paper earns you a 'Medill F' -- so you can imagine students' surprise when they saw a misspelling on their diplomas over the weekend.

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The error is easy to overlook if you're scanning the diploma quickly, but it's there in black and white: the word 'integrated' is missing an 'n.' A school official confirmed this happened on about 30 out of 250 diplomas that were given out Saturday.

Corrected diplomas will be issued, though those 30 students likely won't let the school live this ironic error down.

Kit Fox, the student who took a photo of his friend's diploma and pointed out the error in a tweet, told the Chicago Tribune that the 'Medill F' policy is actually "very forgiving," noting that, "When as a freshman you hear about it for the first time, it sounds extremely harsh. It sounds almost unfair ... And then you look at the stakes of what journalism is, and you realize it's much more forgiving than what happens in the real world."

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