Millionaire leaving his $75 million fortune to his dogs

Millionaire Plans To Leave Mega Fortune To Dogs
Millionaire Plans To Leave Mega Fortune To Dogs

Dallas multi-millionaire Ron Sturgeon plans to leave his $75 million fortune to his dogs -- and he claims everyone in his life has come to terms with that plan.

Future riches aside, it's already a royal life for Cavalier King Charles spaniels Willy, Lance and Dixie. The dogs have a private entrance to their home, complete with their own address, doggie doors in every room and a personal staff attending to their every doggie need.

Cameras have been following the spoiled pups for an upcoming reality show called "Goin' to the Dogs," which will chronicle the life they all have together.

"I've taken care of everyone else, really. Why not leave it to the dogs?" said Sturgeon. "I think it's important to note that I worked for all that money, I didn't just come into it," Sturgeon explains. "My dad died when I was a senior in high school and left me with no place to live, so I worked up to here in the junk yard business. I made my fortune in the junk yard business."

He says that his two children are "pretty successful" and very independent. They both own junk yards, so he feels they'll be OK without his fortune.

His girlfriend Linda said that when she first started dating Sturgeon, she knew "his first love was the dogs. It was obvious. I feel like I come in a good solid second, but I definitely know these babies are first. You know what? I'm living the fantasy life now, so hey, I'm enjoying every bit I can right now. If the dogs get all the money, that'll be good for them. Maybe they'll put me in their will!"

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