The best GIFs from the NCAA National Championship


We've been waiting all March Madness for this moment: the National Championship!

What better way to celebrate with some of our favorite GIFs from the night? Missed the game?

Check out our favorite GIFs from the big game below, and check out all of the best March Madness and video analysis here!

1. Kentucky's pre-game huddle

2. UConn's amazing dunk

3. UConn's incredible spin move

4. Aaron Harrison's perfect dunk

5. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush spectating

6. Kentucky's fast-break layup

7. Kentucky's insane dunk

8. UConn's epic shove

9. Kentucky's expert dunk

10. UConn's celebration

11. UConn for the win!

12. Kevin Ollie celebrates

13. UConn's Boatright jumps for joy

14. UConn's crowd-surfing husky