AOL Jobs Week Resume Contest Runner Ups

There were so many amazing AOL Jobs Week Resume contest entrants that we decided to extend our run through the weekend and feature 24 more well-deserving people. Here's our first group.

Each runner up will have their resume featured on for millions of prospective employers to see.

So, if you are hiring or know someone who is, please take a moment to review the candidates below. Contact information is provided on their resumes.

Winners will also receive a customized About.Me page to manage their online identity and aid them in their search for the perfect career.

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Andrea Regusters Fox

Location: Philadelphia, Pa.

Industry/Job: Marketing/Promotions

Time Unemployed: 2 years

From 2001-2008 I was employed as the Sales Marketing Specialist with CBS 3/KYW-TV. Due economic downsizing I have been volunteering my services as a Marketing Specialist with Bellevue Communications Group, a PR firm, in Philadelphia since April 2009. Prior to joining CBS, I spent four years as a Desktop Publisher/Sales Assistant with Greater Media Radio and six years as a civilian employee for the U.S. Navy in the MWR Public Affairs and Publicity offices.

Nina Chiavaroli

Location: Pennsburg, Pa.

Industry/Job: Insurance, Health, Finance / Analyst

Time Unemployed: 0 months

As a recent graduate of Kutztown University (December 18, 2010) majoring in Applied Mathematics and having acquired my Operations Research Certificate, and a pending Statistics Certificate I am interested in a full-time position, and would relish the opportunity to be involved with such a unique company. I will bring skills and knowledge to your team that will help the company attain its goals.

Father Frank Mann

Location: New York

Industry/Job: Radio-TV talk show host

Time Unemployed: 0 months

I am a Catholic Priest in good standing seeking to be an exceptional talk show host. I have superb listening skills, I'm a gifted (award winning) writer, speaker and interviewer ... I have an outrageous sense of humor. I must say that I am most certainly an individual who has boundless enthusiasm to inspire, motivate and bring fascinating topics and individuals to light.

Lauren Tillotson

Location: Islip, N.Y.

Industry/Job: Finance

Time Unemployed: 0 months

I'm a confident, extremely hard-working and competitive person. I am a natural leader, who likes to motivate others and help create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. I possess the qualities of perseverance, dedication, and commitment. I push myself above and beyond my potential and I strive to achieve my goals no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

Scott Tullis

Location: Portland, Ore.

Industry/Job: Packaging

Time Unemployed: 1 month

What I would most like to stress, apart from the "clinical" strengths I bring to the table, is that I lead by example. I feel that the best managers are trustworthy and honorable, with genuine concern for colleagues and customers. I have a strong moral compass, and I bring to all my professional endeavors an authenticity that inspires and motivates others. With this foundation in place, the goals I set are pursued with collaborative energy and commitment, and people achieve far more than thought possible.

Ronald Palfrey

Location: Winter Haven, Fla.

Industry/Job: Advertising/Marketing/Art/Creative

Time Unemployed: 2 years

Award-winning designer with an impressive portfolio and record of driving business for diverse industries. Passion for creating sharp, professional, and unique designs that enhance prestige and immediately attract clients. Skilled in developing high-impact web sites, marketing materials, brand identities, and print designs.

Beverly Sconiers

Location: North Brunswick , N.J.

Industry/Job: Pharmaceutical/Health care/Legal/Insurance

Time Unemployed: 1 month

Any potential employer should know that I am a savvy professional assistant who assisted Presidents, CEOs, EVP R&D, CSO and other C-level management in the large matrix and small pharmaceutical companies for the last five years and have been caught up in mergers and acquisitions resulting in my current unemployment.

Liz Massi

Location: Orlando, Fla.

Industry/Job: Hotel/Hospitality

Time Unemployed: 6 months

I worked for Marriott for 24 years and due to the economic crisis, my position was eliminated. I had stellar annual reviews, loyal clients and a well trained and happy staff. I have excellent rapport building skills and my verbal and written communication skills are outstanding. I have old fashioned work ethics; I believe loyalty and work hard are the foundation of a good career.

Alan Evans

Location: Dallas, Texas

Industry/Job: Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations

Time Unemployed: 0 months

I would like for my potential employer to know that one of my greatest strengths is my work ethic. Although I didn't pursue a formal education in business or communications, I feel that the intrinsic qualities I possess and my passion for social media would allow me to succeed and prosper if offered an employment opportunity.

Harmeet Dhaliwal

Location: Milpitas, Calif.

Industry/Job: Retail or Tech/Marketing Analyst

Time Unemployed: 1 year

With just 5 years of experience, I have developed strong analytical skills to interpret data that has enabled me to assist in decisions to increase company sales. I thrive on challenge and look forward to inputting ideas that may better the business in the long run.

Rebekah McNaney

Location: San Pedro, Calif.

Industry/Job: Elementary School Teacher

Time Unemployed: 2 months

I am a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent teacher who will be an asset to your school. I love challenges and am open to learning new methods and theories. I love working as a member of a team, and feel that collaboration and communication is essential to learning.

James McKay

Location: Washington, D.C.

Industry/Job: Human Resources Management

Time Unemployed: 3 months

My qualifications include the ability to multi task both individually or with my team and to effectively use verbal and written communication skills to handle dispute resolutions in an effort to maintain good rapport among associates and managers. I am knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Suite suit 2007 and 2003 including Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access. I have also trained employees and worked with PeopleSoft, e- Procurement (online procurement) and other scheduling and payroll software programs.

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