AOL Jobs Week Resume Contest Popular Vote Winners

Congratulations to the next group of AOL Jobs Week Resume contest winners. This group of 12 received the most votes from you, our AOL readers.

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1. Dave Seymore

Location: Medina, Ohio

Industry/Job: Concrete construction/Estimator/Finisher/Operator

Time Unemployed: 2 years

I have a very strong cement mason background, combined with over 20 years of work experience in this field. I have excellent hands-on and technical knowledge of most projects. I believe that I will make a significant and valuable contribution to your firm.

2. M. Mackenzie Brady

Location: Milledgeville, Ga.

Industry/Job: Currently a M.Ed. Candidate in Outdoor Education Administration

Time Unemployed: 0 months

I am an ambitious woman working towards my M.Ed. in Kinesiology with a focus on Outdoor Education Administration. In alignment with my interests regarding safety and risk management, my Master's Project surrounds the use of risk and challenge in adventure programs.

3. Chae No

Location: New York, N.Y.

Industry/Job: Criminal Justice/Military Science/History

Time Unemployed: 0 months

With point-blank precision, dedication and professionalism, I will not disappoint. I have worked in nearly all industries from food-service to military/government environments, and with my experience, I can ensure that I will acclimate to all imaginable environments and provide top-notch results.

4. Kara Schultz

Location: New Jersey

Industry/Job: Broadcasting/Entertainment

Time Unemployed: 0 months

I am an aspiring sports and entertainment broadcast journalist and I am anxious to broaden my knowledge in all facets of the industry. I have had exposure to both sports and entertainment industries behind and in front of the scenes for major radio broadcasts.

5. Alicia Patten

Location: Jacksonville, Fla.

Industry/Job: Student

Time Unemployed: 6 months

I'm a results-oriented team player with extensive experience in leadership, planning and customer relation roles, seeking a position that will broaden my horizons and prepare me with the knowledge necessary to be a productive addition to any organization.

7. Jill Cardillo

Location: Charlotte, N.C.

Industry/Job: Restaurant Consultant or Sales and Marketing Position

Time Unemployed: 1.5 months

Owned and operated my own business for 16 years which has allowed me the opportunity to wear many hats through the years. I am a dedicated hard worker willing to learn whatever it takes to be successful within the company.

8. Jessica Miller

Location: Buffalo, N.Y.

Industry/Job: Food prep/Clerical/Processing

Time Unemployed: 2 years ... besides my temp job

I am seeking full-time employment at an organization with the ultimate intention of making it my career, or at least using it as a learning experience to benefit my progression towards said career. Looking for new challenges both in and out of my previous field of employment.

9. Freddie Colon

Location: Gilbert, Ariz.

Industry/Job: Radio Personality Expert

Time Unemployed: 6 months

I am a 27 year New York Radio Veteran, which is market 1. I have accomplished things people only dream of. Due to cutbacks, my lifeline has been taken from me. I have, and still can be, the very best in my field.

10. Brandon Bethea

Location: San Diego, Calif.

Industry/Job: International Business/Brand Management/Travel

Time Unemployed: 0 months

After spending the past three years caring for my mom and establishing a foundation in her memory, I am excited to help either a small company or established brand in growing their business. I am a hard worker and inspiring co-worker and spend my spare time running a shark-diving project for cancer survivors. I look forward to hearing from you on how I might help solve your current business or brand challenges.

11. Holly Wilson

Location: Washington, D.C.

Industry/Job: Government/Legislative

Time Unemployed: 1 month

I am an extremely dedicated and organized individual who works hard to complete tasks in an efficient and effective manner. I also strive to exhibit a positive, can-do attitude in every situation.

12. Leigh Richards

Location: Royal Oak, Mich.

Industry/Job: Fashion Merchandising

Time Unemployed: 1 month

I am a very hard worker, I am outgoing, friendly and want to succeed in my career. I would like to obtain a job with an innovative fashion retailer where I can provide value while utilizing and further developing my skills in the fashion merchandising industry.

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