Microsoft Office 2010 hits retail today

If you've visited the welcome screen, chances are you've seen the ads announcing the new Microsoft Office 2010. Well, it's finally here, and will be available in retail stores. You can find the software available at Best Buy, Office Depot, PC World, and Staples, which sent an email to customers stating the obvious "It's here!"

Retailers are hoping that excitement over the latest Office suite will result in an influx of customers. More likely, customers will order it off of Amazon or another online retailer, or just download the suite from Microsoft itself.

Microsoft Office 2010 sells for about $350, depending on the version you're buying, although is already discounting the price by 13%. The pricey new software includes some cool new features:

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher will include photo editing tools to enhance the visual aspects of your reports. Users will now be able to crop, contrast, brighten, and sharpen their images and now video. Powerpoint is now able to embed and edit video as well.

  • PowerPoint is now able to deliver presentations across the web to a maximum of 100 viewers.

  • Users can access, edit, and share documents online leveraging off of Microsoft's existing SkyDrive platform, available on Hotmail.

  • Facebook and LinkedIn are now on your Outlook!