Zaxby’s Has 2 New Limited Time Menu Items

“I didn’t know I needed this until right now.”



Beef is taking a backseat as many fast food chains take advantage of the versatility of chicken. You can make chicken into tenders, nuggets, and sandwiches. And something as simple as switching up the sauce gives you an entirely different-tasting meal. Many restaurants, such as Chick-fil-A, Raising Cane’s, and Zaxby’s, omit beef from their menus and focus on creative ways to serve chicken. But no one is safe from chicken burnout, and the chains have to continually up the ante to keep even its most loyal fans from becoming bored.

For some, this comes in the form of unique products such as the Chizza; for others, it means launching boneless sauce-coated wings and new sandwich options. Recently, Zaxby’s stunned fans by adding banana pudding to its offerings. Now, the popular chicken eatery is surprising us again with an entirely different type of menu item.

Zaxby’s Adds Chipotle Ranch and Avocado Ranch BLT Tacos to Its Lineup

While you might expect a new salad or chicken sandwich from Zaxby’s, in a surprising debut, the chain is adding a new kind of handheld to its lineup. A recent press release announced that the restaurant will add two Chicken Finger Tacos to its menu. The tacos will feature its famous hand-breaded chicken tenders topped with fresh elements and a Zaxby’s sauce unique to each taco.

The Chipotle Ranch with Pico Taco includes shredded iceberg lettuce, pico de gallo, Cheddar Jack cheese, and a smoky Chipotle Ranch sauce. Those who love bacon can indulge in the Avocado Ranch BLT Taco, which boasts strips of hickory smoked bacon, iceberg lettuce, sliced Roma tomatoes, and Zaxby’s new Avocado Ranch sauce.

Chicken Finger Tacos will be available à la carte or sold as a meal in bundles of three alongside a drink. “I didn’t know I needed this until right now,” said one fan on Zaxby’s Instagram post. While many fans were excited, multiple others took the comment section as an opportunity to request that the restaurant bring back the Southwest Zalad and ultra-spicy Insane sauce. “Please bring back Insane, it's not Zaxby’s without it,” said one Instagrammer.

There’s no word on whether those fan favorites will return, but you must act fast to try the new offerings. The Chipotle Ranch with Pico Taco and Avocado Ranch BLT Taco will only be available for a limited time, starting July 8.

While you’re there, grab an eight-count of Zaxby’s newest dessert–Fried Cheesecake Bites with Strawberry Sauce. Yes, please! No need to tell me twice.

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